The Pearl Doctor
New and Improved Formula, Now 100% Organic
Organic, Unique, and Unsurpassed
  • Earth Friendly - No Chemicals or Ammonia
  • Safe and gentle for pearls and skin
  • Fresh solution for every cleaning 
  • Lustrous results every time - No Residue
  • Beautifies all types of gemstones and metals
Other Pearl Cleaners
Other pearl cleaners instruct you to soak your pearls in the same solution for every cleaning.  Contaminants and dirt from previous cleanings remain in the solution then collect on the silk cord and in the drill holes of the pearls.  These contaminants will compromise the luster and the integrity of the pearls and the silk cord, and begin eroding the drill holes and weaken the silk cord. The overall luster and beauty of the pearls will diminish with repeated use of a dirty cleaner. 

Our Pearl Cleaner
To use our pearl cleaner simply mix our concentrated Rx Pearl Cleaning Formula with water to create a fresh tub of solution to clean your pearls. All contaminants and dirt get washed away from your pearl strand or setting and then are disposed of after each cleaning. The Pearl Doctor Pearl Cleaner is the best pearl cleaner for proper pearl care. 
  • Our pearl cleaning system comes with 2 oz. of concentrated Organic Rx Formula and will fill your Pearl Spa Tub 38 times!
Earth Friendly
Your Pearl Spa Tub and basket need only to be purchased once. They are re-used over and over for years. The Rx Pearl Cleaning Formula makes 38 tubfuls of cleaning solution.  When your Rx Formula bottle is empty, you may send back your empty bottle to be refilled at a discount off the refill purchase.* The Pearl Doctor Rx Pearl Cleaning Solution is organic, naturally safe, and gentle to the earth.

*Click here for info on Bottle Refills

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